NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday condemned the mass shooting that killed 19 school children in Texas.

“I’m outraged that our nation remains the only one in which the senseless murder of innocent children and their teachers is even tolerated,” he said. “I’m exhausted that we have another double-digit death toll and one side refuses to do anything.”

Murphy talked about how gun safety is a priority in his state. He renewed his push for state lawmakers to pass a package of proposed gun safety measures. The legislation would require safe storage of guns, ensure that anyone looking to buy a gun is trained to handle one, and prohibit the sale of weapons that can “literally bring down helicopters,” among other provisions, Murphy said.

He was joined by other state officials, including Rep. Angelica Jimenez.

“I am an assemblywoman but most importantly, I am a mother,” she said. “I have a 16-year-old daughter. I remember Sandy Hook very well.”