NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — It’s not exactly the record New Jersey was looking to break.

Tuesday morning, drivers woke up to the unsettling news that a gallon of regular unleaded had surpassed $5 for the very first time. The current $5.01 average is up from 4.75 from a week ago and $4.42 a month ago. It makes last summer’s average of $3.06 seem like a cake walk.

“It’s an all-time high price,” Robert Sinclair of AAA explained. “First time over $5 – New Jersey now joins 13 states at five dollars or more.”

What’s driving up the cost, according to Sinclair, is the ongoing war in Ukraine. With summer travel and the start of hurricane season playing a role, it’s only going to get worse, Sinclair said.

“Russia is and was a major oil producer of upwards of 9 to 10,000,000 barrels a day,” he explained.

Drivers across the state are doing what they can to avoid high prices. Some say they’re even crossing the Hudson into New York, where the price for regular unleaded is 7 cents cheaper.

Others are converging on membership clubs such as Costco to lock in a bargain. For nearly two decades, the wholesale retailer did not require New Jersey drivers to hold active memberships to fill up, but as of July 5, that policy is going away due to high demand.