TINTON FALLS, N.J. (PIX11) – A New Jersey couple is holding onto hope that their beloved corgi will be found safe after being missing for six weeks.

Woody, who is 5 years old, bolted out of Joe Bertolino’s car in late August after a car accident near Hope Road in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. They’ve plastered the area with missing posters and have taken to social media.

Woody is microchipped and was wearing a collar with an ID, but he did not have a GPS tracking device on.

Bertolino and his partner, Bil Leipold, are now urging other dog owners to consider getting a GPS collar for their pets. As long as it is charged, you can hit “find my pet” and it will tell you their location.

Dr. Lisa Lippman, the director of virtual medicine at Bond Vet, said GPS trackers are good, but you need to remember to have them charged. Also keep in mind that they won’t work where there is poor cell service, like deeply wooded areas.

Lippman told PIX11 News that she recommends a triple protection plan: a traditional collar with a phone number, a GPS tracker, and having your pet not only microchipped, but make sure to register that microchip with a database.

Bertolino said he’s hopeful that Woody will be found because corgis are herders by nature. “We think he’s out there taking care of himself,” he said.

If you see Woody, Bertolino asks you not to approach because he may be skittish and run. They say call to (917)-647-3809 with a location and they will use an animal rescue group to bring Woody to safety.