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MIDDLETOWN, N.J. — Cree Ossner, a 16-year-old from Middletown, New Jersey, has a vision for great, Rube Goldberg-esque trick shots.

He does it by not just looking at the things in his garage as junk.

“The first step I do when I make a machine like this is I make a giant mess,” Ossner told PIX11 News. “In order to come up with my ideas, I need to have all my items in front of me. Then I kind of play with each thing and see what kind of property does it have.”

Ossner has been making these machines since 5th grade. His latest creation, The Swish Machine, might go down as one of the most creative and longest trick shots ever.

The three-minute video features 70 steps in total with every item imaginable. A skateboard, duct tape, dominoes, a racetrack and more.

“To get all that stuff, I had to go into my garage, into my shed, all around my house,” Ossner said. “I got stuff from everywhere. Even some of the stuff my neighbors were throwing out.”

It took Ossner over two months to build and test the contraption in his parents’ backyard. It took even longer to make the shot, losing count after 100 takes.

“The day I ended up getting the machine to work,” he said. “It failed on the last couple of steps three times which means I needed to spend almost an hour resetting the entire machine.”

Believe it or not, Cree believes he can top a video that has been seen by millions and featured on ESPN. His friends think he might have a future in engineering.

“I’m not sure, it’s something I want to look into,” he said. “For now I just like making creative videos. I’m just having a good time making Youtube videos.”