WARREN, N.J. (PIX11) – This could be just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Paul Abend works in non-surgical orthopedics and pain management and says he gets a lot of patients this time of year who slip and fall on icy patches.

“Yes, on days like today, yes,” said Abend.

With slippery surfaces on sidewalks and on some roads, like Interstate 287, it’s time for parts of Northern New Jersey to dust off those winter essentials, like salt. 

In Warren Township, Somerset County, salt, shovels and more are fully in-stock at Warrenville True Value Hardware.

“You got to stay safe,” said James Skobo, who drove from Long Branch to help his daughter ice her driveway with pet-friendly snow melt.

“I’m up here watching my grandson, so I figured I’d help out with this too,” said Skobo.

“You never know when that event’s going to happen, so you should be prepared,” said store owner Bill MacDonald. “When you’re living in an area like we’re in and you have hills and mountains and roads that are tricky, always stock up if you have room in your garage, stock up on your bags of salt.”