NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — New Jersey residents and businesses are being asked to conserve water as the state experiences an incessant period of hot and dry weather.

Conditions have been drier than usual this summer, according to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, which is responsible for monitoring the state’s water supply.

The current conditions have not yet had a significant impact on the drinking water supply statewide, but authorities want residents and businesses to be proactive and moderate their water usage to help ensure it doesn’t become a problem.

“Although our reservoirs and other indicators are healthy, persistent hot and dry weather coupled with the high water demands of summer can quickly impact water supply,” said Commissioner of Environmental Protection Shawn LaTourette. “Simple steps, like reducing lawn and landscape watering, go a long way in preserving our water supplies and avoiding the necessity of significant restrictive measures.”  

Reservoir levels are near average for this time of year and groundwater supplies are also near normal, officials said.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protections recommended the following ten ways to conserve water around your home.

10 ways to save water this summer

  1. Water flowers and landscaping with water collected in a rain barrel from a downspout
  2. Use 30% to 50% less water with drip irrigation and micro-sprays compared to sprinklers
  3. Only water when needed. In New Jersey, most landscapes need just 1 inch of water per week
  4. Purchase a water-saving filter for your pool
  5. Cover your pool when not in use to reduce evaporation
  6. Avoid recreational toys that require a constant stream of water
  7. Raise your lawnmower blade to at least 3 inches to promote deeper grass roots that hold water better
  8. Use water from dehumidifiers and air conditioners to water your plants
  9. Use native plants that need less water
  10. Group plants together based on water needs