JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) – A New Jersey resident was startled to discover a python behind the refrigerator in their apartment on Monday.

The python was found in a Jersey City resident’s 29th-floor apartment in the Newport district, according to Liberty Humane Society.

“‘Banana,’ this beautiful piebald ball python morph, is not a threat, but we guess to some people a surprise snake can seem like an emergency!” Liberty Humane Society posted on Facebook. “‘Banana’ came to [Liberty Humane Society] today after a resident found them behind their refrigerator, panicked, and someone called [Jersey City Police Department].”

The snake is likely someone’s escaped pet due to its “socialized” and “domestic” qualities, according to Liberty Humane Society.

“Please contact the shelter if you have any information about where ‘Banana’ belongs,” the animal shelter said.

Banana will be available for adoption after seven days. Those interested in adopting the snake can submit an application on the Liberty Humane Society website.