JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) — The family of 35-year-old Tyrone Gibson, who has struggled with a nervous condition his entire life, was asking for the public’s help in finding him — more than a month after he disappeared from Van Reipen House, a group home in Jersey City.

“Tyrone never had a cellphone,” his worried aunt, who serves as his guardian, told PIX11 News.
“He’s not picking up his SSI check. For him to leave his checks behind, that’s not normal.”

The aunt said Tyrone Gibson had a problem with his roommate at a previous group home on Union Street, so he was moved to the new facility, Van Reipen House, in late June. The aunt said Gibson’s brother had shown up at the Union Street group home and told the roommate to leave Tyrone alone.

Charlene Gibson said her nephew needs medicine for diabetes and his psychiatric conditions.
She noted he had been hospitalized in the past for mental health issues.

“He would be jittery, walking back and forth,” Charlene Gibson said. “He would check himself into the hospital.”

The aunt said one time, Tyrone Gibson took a train to New York City.

Tyrone has been living in homes run by Serv Behavioral Health System, which promotes “compassionate care” and “personal empowerment” for people with chronic mental illness or other disabilities.

His aunt recalled when Tyrone lived on Union Street, “he stands at Dunkin’ Donuts and begs for quarters.”

PIX11 News learned that Tyrone moved to the facility on Van Reipen Street in Jersey City on June 23. He was reported missing July 27.

An employee at the facility that PIX11 News reached on Labor Day said Van Reipen House had done its “due diligence” in trying to find Gibson and also reported him missing. The employee asked PIX11 News to call the home’s director after the holiday.

PIX11 News also reached out to the Jersey City Police Department, and a supervisor said to contact the city’s public information officer when the Labor Day observance was over.

“Somebody’s got to do something,” Charlene Gibson said.