METUCHEN, N.J. (PIX11) — New Jersey enacted a slew of new gun laws Tuesday with the Highland Park, Illinois parade shooting fresh on the minds of those gathered for the signing ceremony.

Under the new law, Gov. Phil Murphy and New Jersey Democrats will require live-fire training to obtain a gun license, outlaw 50-caliber weapons, require those moving from out of state with firearms to register them with Trenton, track and micro-stamp ammunition sales and make it easier to sue gun manufacturers over their marketing.

It is Murphy’s third such gun restriction package signed since taking office and he compared the restrictions to baseball, saying every little bit helps.

“All of this may not move the needle to batting a thousand, but it improves our batting average, and all of this is what we’re here to do,” Murphy said.

But Murphy also acknowledged he wants his state to go further. He and other lawmakers were urged by one young activist from March for Our Lives to raise the age to purchase certain assault-style rifles like neighboring New York just did.

Furthermore, New Jersey intends to follow in the footsteps of the Empire State and its response to a Supreme Court decision loosening concealed carry laws.

New York approved a list of sensitive locations — including Times Square — where people cannot carry a weapon.

Murphy said New Jersey will do something similar soon, and praised the idea of banning weapons from private businesses by default, as was also done in New York.

“If there is not explicit consent, you cannot bring a gun onto private property,” Murphy said.

Collectively the moves are being blasted by New Jersey Second Amendment advocates like Alejandro Roubian. He attended Tuesday’s events and heard Murphy’s argument for the new restrictions.

“The notion to think some violent rapist is not going to do this here because it’s a sensitive area it’s absurd,” he said. “You’re going to do nothing but paint a giant target on every person’s chest saying: ‘I am a defenseless victim.'”