PATERSON, N.J. (PIX11) — Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday targeted gun owners and manufacturers in a new push to get New Jersey lawmakers to approve the comprehensive gun safety package he introduced last year.

“The bills we introduced one year ago are basic measures to keep guns out of wrong hands, will help law enforcement apprehend the perpetrators of gun violence and hold the gun industry accountable for its deceptive and dangerous practice,” Murphy said.

Tightening the screws on already stringent gun laws in the Garden State, Murphy wants anyone who buys a gun in his state to complete a certified safety course; he wants gun owners to have a lockbox or a gun safe; he wants technology to make guns sold in New Jersey traceable; he wants to hold gun makers and sellers accountable for any damage caused by their firearms; he wants a ban on .50-caliber firearms.

The governor is also looking to close a loophole that currently allows people moving to the state to skirt the law. He wants them to conform to New Jersey’s law to own a gun.

“These bills — with all due respect — are the definition of common sense,” Murphy said.