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RAHWAY, NJ — There is nothing left for a grieving New Jersey woman to do except mourn, pick up the pieces and try to be strong for her 2-year old grandson, whose mother was found dead in Tennessee after an alleged abduction.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert on Friday after Tyler Rios, 27, allegedly kidnapped 24-year-old Yasemin Uyar and their baby boy, officials said. Rios and the toddler were found early Saturday and officials said Sunday that Uyar’s body was found in a wooded area nearby.

Uyar’s mother, Karen Uyar, told PIX11 on Sunday she was headed to Tennessee to reunite with her grandson.

“When he asks for her, we explain that she’s in heaven,” the grandmother said.

Authorities were able to track down Rios in Tennessee after he tried to use his credit card to book a hotel room. Police then forced their way into his hotel room, arrested him, and rescued his 2-year old son.

Rios later led police — and the FBI — to a wooded area, where they found Yasemin Uyar’s body.

Karen Uyar told PIX11 Friday night her daughter previously had a restraining order out against Rios, and that the family feared for her safety long before her disappearance.

“I understand the way a restraining order is supposed to work, but I don’t think enough effort is given into the thought process of someone who’s been through domestic violence,” she said. “So people who have been through domestic violence aren’t always ready at that very moment to not go back to that person. Then when they call for help, they get told, well, you had a restraining order, but you let him come in, or talk to you, or whatever, and it doesn’t have any strength to it. And that happened a lot in Yazzy’s situation.”

Rios is being extradited back to New Jersey to face serious criminal charges

Attorney Greg Gianforcaro said it’s important to realize a restraining order always has its limits.

“In this situation, all signs point to the fact that this was an individual who just did not care about that piece of paper regarding a restraining order and, in those situations, it’s almost an impossible situation,” Gianforcaro said.

Karen Uyar she feels like the system failed her daughter, but said that’s a discussion for another day. Right now, her main concern is speaking up for her slain daughter, while the family works on getting her body transported from Tennessee back to New Jersey.

“I feel like right now, my only strength is coming from feeling like it’s Yasemin’s voice coming out to make her cause known and to help give other people strength,” she said.