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LINDEN, NJ — From more than 500 crumbling bridges to a train system in bad need of some upgrades, New Jersey stands to gain a lot from the bipartisan infrastructure bill that awaits President Joe Biden‘s signature.

NJ will directly get an estimated $12.3 billion in the bipartisan infrastructure package: $6.9 billion for roads and highways, more than $4.1 billion for transit, and $1.1 billion for bridges.

Every member of New Jersey congressional delegation including both Republicans, voted for the bill.

“A significant, historic, once-in-a-century investment in transit including, NJ Transit,” Congressman Josh Gottheimer said. “We’ve got major investments to do there on the safety front and the rail front.”

Gottheimer said other money specifically earmarked for the Gateway Tunnel Project will go the longest way to improving commuter times.

“Right now part of the problem is we cannot get enough trains through the tunnels into NY Penn Station,” he said. “So everything gets backed up you can only do 20 trains during peak times.”

Gottheimer also said not to underestimate the importance of the money for bridge repair.

Millions of Garden Staters drive over 502 “structurally deficient” overpasses each day.