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NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — As mass shootings continue to plague American life, whether it be inside schools or workplace, military veteran Jake Ahle said he isn’t waiting around for the next mass causality.

He and his partner Pete Facchini, both New Jersey natives, have created a line of bulletproof bookcases that can serve as a last line of defense when a mass shooter enters the premises.

“The bookcase itself weighs 480 pounds, the exoskeleton is made of steel and it’s lined with Kevlar,” Ahle told PIX11 News. “Hidden underneath the bottom of the steel skirt are four wheels and those wheels make it a very mobile.”

A mass shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007 was the initial catalyst that led them to create the product. Their Georgia-based company ProtectED saw a recent surge in sales following the tragedy in Uvalde that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

“In the event that our product was there in the classroom it would’ve prevented the active shooter from being able to actually gain access into the classroom,” he said.

Once the bookshelf is secured and locked, which takes a matter of seconds, the would-be shooter will not have any access inside the room and will only be met with a mounted mirror.

“The mirror on the back is our way of trying to communicate with the active shooter to cause pause and delay,” Ahle said.

Although this modern-day, line of defense has sadly become essential in the United States — it’s one its founders hope doesn’t have to get repeatedly used.

“We are just focused on making sure that we are providing protection for the children in schools,” Ahle said.

Learn more about the company here.