JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) – Welcome to the LPGA Tour, where every shot comes with massive pressure. However, the person with perhaps just as much pressure on their shoulders at this tournament isn’t playing golf.

“The decisions that we’re helping the tour and the tournament make, these are hundred-thousand dollar decisions,” said Joe Halvorson, an on-site meteorologist for DTN, which works with the PGA and LPGA tours. He’s deep in the weeds of his models and forecasts at the LPGA’s Mizuho Americas Open at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City. Its serene setting on the Hudson River doesn’t come without its unique weather challenges.

“Nearly every day in the late spring and summer, you do get a sea breeze that’s going to develop from the south or southeast,” said Halvorson.

When it comes to forecasting, you name it and he can track it, all from his workstation in the clubhouse. As you’d guess, weather plays a huge role in every golf stroke.

“It’s wind, first and foremost,” said Halvorson. “Do I need to set the tees forward some, back some, just to make it more fair for all the players? We got rain chances on Saturday. Those setup officials may end up putting the holes in more higher lying spots on the greens just to prevent puddling in low-lying areas where we’d maybe have to stop play or squeegee the greens.”

If there were ever an easy day on the job for him, it was Thursday’s opening round, where conditions were near ideal. But he said that won’t be the case going into the weekend.

“We do have thunderstorm chances, especially toward the end of play,” said Halvorson.

You guessed it – he has tech that lets him track lightning, too.

Like these tour golfers, Halvorson will be off to another city for another week of not just handling the pressure but thriving in it.

“I get a new challenge every week,” said Halvorson.