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BELLEVILLE, N.J. –– Neighbors in Belleville, New Jersey tell us news of a frightening home invasion has them checking their doors and windows and then re-checking them.

PIX11 is not identifying the victim’s address – or the street – because the suspect is still on the loose.

What’s more unsettling, is that detectives say the suspect slipped in through an open side door of a home early Friday morning at around 4am, stood over mother sleeping with her two young children and then attacked her.

“She feels a presence, she turns over. Sees a man standing there, wearing the fedora style hat, and the slight mask over his eyes. He covers her mouth, and drags her off the futon,” said Belleville P.D. Det. Sgt. John McAloon

A state police artist drew the sketch – complete with the Zorro like mask and Fedora hat – all based on the victim’s account while he tried dragged her into a nearby bedroom.

Fortunately, he ran out when the woman’s six-year old son woke up, screamed, and ran upstairs to alert his grandfather.

“The suspect got scared off, ran into a laundry room, out the laundry room, and down the driveway,” said Sgt. John McAloon.

That’s where surveillance video picked up the very same suspect seen walking out on the street wearing that hat.