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Craig Lassiter (New Jersey State Police)

WANTAGE TOWNSHIP, NJ — A New York man allegedly sexually assaulted two children during a recent home invasion in New Jersey police said.

Craig Lassiter, 33, allegedly walked into a Wantage Township bedroom shared by two children on Sept. 18 and threatened the children, police said. He told them he had a gun and sexually assaulted them.

The kids later told family members who searched the house and found the front door was open, officials said. They called 911 and told the dispatchers they believed the burglar was still inside.

Police arrived just in time to see a Chevrolet Silverado with New York license plates driving away from the house, a New Jersey State Police spokesperson said. They followed, but the driver swerved, ran over a mailbox and sped away.

Officials later found the truck – which had been reported stolen – abandoned in a field.

Police later identified Lassiter as the alleged culprit and arrested him, officials said. He was initially charged with eluding and receiving stolen property. Sex assault charges and several other counts were filed Wednesday.