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MAHWAH, N.J. — Schools in a New Jersey district will see an increase in security following last week’s school shooting in Florida.

Extra police presence was added in response to an alleged threat to a district school and in light of the recent high school shooting in Florida.

Several months ago, a student allegedly made a threat to shoot up Ramapo Ridge Middle School on Feb. 23, officials said.

Parents were outraged after learning about this threat months later, arguing that they should have been notified about the threat right away.

The threat was made in back in October and was never confirmed following investigation by both law enforcement and school officials, according to Mahwah Chief of Police, James Batelli.

“There has been wide spread social media coverage on the alleged threat and increased concerns of parents especially in light of the Parkland shooting so police presence was increased,” Batelli said, “The Mahwah Police have always had a visible presence in our in our schools as part of our ongoing outreach program and this will continue.”

Last weekend, another notice was sent out to parents apologizing for the timing, saying the school is safe, adding they did send out an email back in October, but with limited information about an unconfirmed threat – because of the ongoing investigation.

Many parents in the town said they did not plan on sending their kids to school on Feb. 23.

The response comes days after a gunman killed 17 people at a school in Florida, once again putting a national spotlight on the gun debate.