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PRINCETON, N.J. — A large counter-protest drew large crowds to Princeton’s Palmer Square. It came in reaction to a white supremacist rally that never planned out.

The New Jersey European Heritage Association says its planned rally was simply a stunt that brought them “an unprecedented amount of publicity, media coverage and website traffic.” The association said it never does pre-announced public rallies.

Princeton Police still came out to monitor the situation, which remained peaceful.

“If we don’t come out and take a stand, you’re putting power into their hands,” said Sharon Buffalo of Long Branch. “That just makes them more powerful.”

“The state of New Jersey has no place for hate in it, and we will stand against it wherever it shows its face,” said Jacob Fugger of Mendham.

The NJEHA’s racism isn’t overt, but this statement on its website speaks for itself: “Our creed can be summed up in 14 simple words; we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Princeton Councilman Dwaine Williamson said he understood that a few white supremacists had showed up to the rally, but that they did not seem to engage much with counter-protestors.