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JACKSON, N.J. —  Six Flags Great Adventure temporarily shut down two rides this week after separate complaints of an injury and a problematic lap bar.

On Wednesday, a guest was injured on The Joker, a park spokeswoman said.  Six Flags and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) both inspected the coaster and found it was in “proper working order. The ride reopened Thursday.

“We are unable to speculate as to the cause of the reported injury,” the Six Flags spokeswoman said.

Earlier in the week, a guest reported a concern about a lap bar on Nitro. Park workers inspected the coaster trains on Sunday and A DCA inspector checked it out on Monday. They all determined it was “in proper working order.”

PIX11 reached out to the DCA about The Joker and Nitro.

Operation was also paused on the Jersey Devil Coaster as a proactive measure by manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction in Idaho, according to the park spokeswoman.

“The ride began testing today in preparation for reopening,” she said. “We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to reopen the ride soon.”

Two other incidents raised concerns at Six Flags Great Adventure recently: a log flume malfunction sent two guests to the hospital in mid-June. At the end of the month, El Toro, the theme park’s 19-story wooden roller coaster, partially derailed when the “rear up-stop wheel,” which prevents the train from lifting, came up on top of the rail, according to Lisa Ryan, A DCA spokesperson

A spokesperson for Six Flags Great Adventure, denied the claims of a partial derailment, saying the ride’s safety systems “worked as designed,” and the train remained on the track. 

The spokesperson did confirm the ride “stopped before completing its cycle.”

El Toro remained closed Thursday.

“The ride is currently closed for a thorough inspection and any necessary modifications,” the park spokesperson said. “El Toro is one of our signature attractions, and we are working diligently toward reopening the ride this season following testing and a full safety inspection by both internal and external experts.”

Maintenance and safety crews check rides before opening at the theme park each day, according to the Six Flags spokeswoman.

“At Six Flags, safety is paramount,” she said. “Our rides are professionally inspected annually by internal and external experts as required by all NJ laws and regulations. Additionally our maintenance and safety experts complete extensive safety checks before opening the rides each day. We provide more than 15 million safe rides each year.”