POINT PLEASANT BEACH, N.J. (PIX11) – Padlocks adorn the gates to what is a happy place for many at the Jersey Shore.

For many locals, this is the time to come to destinations like Jenkinson’s Boardwalk after the tourist season has ended. But the company has decided to close entrances to its beaches.

“You can’t see the ocean unless you walk halfway down the boardwalk, and you can’t walk on the beach,” said Lisa, a longtime local resident. 

Double red flags flying above mean no one is allowed in the water; off-shore storms are creating high surf and rip currents along the Jersey Shore.

According to a Facebook post earlier this week from Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra, Jenkinson owns the majority of the beaches and beach access in town. He wrote the closing is the result of a drowning in the off-season and a lawsuit but would not elaborate. Kanitra could not immediately be reached for comment.

“I see some people walking with their umbrellas and their chairs and they’re trying to find an entrance to get up to the water,” said local resident Mike Rooney. 

Most people we spoke with said, restrictions aside, they’re not even looking to swim; they would like to simply walk a few feet onto the sand.

“Maybe do some yoga, maybe read a book, just to experience the ocean,” said local resident Stephanie O’Donnell. 

“It’s 74 degrees out, the ocean’s crashing- I want to go see that, I can’t see it from here, you know?” said Jeff McCaig of Toms River. “I just want to go over there.”

Locals are looking to the boardwalk for a break.

“Even if they open just a few lookouts here and there, I think that would be enough to keep people happy,” said Lisa.

We reached out to Jenkinson’s for comment and will update this story when we hear back.