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BLAIRSTOWN, N.J. — Hundreds of cats, dogs and other animals were rescued from a New Jersey home days after the homeowner was found dead.

More than 150 cats, three dogs and several farm animals were left alone for several days after the 82-year-old woman died and was found outside her Blairstown home in Warren County, according to the Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery group.

It is believed she died late September and was found days later.

Hoards of trash, dirt and debris were seen throughout the kitchen and other parts of the woman’s home.

Animal rescue groups started their recovery and rescue efforts during the weekend.

More than 150 cats and kittens were rescued, and groups are still working to trap and recover several more felines, the rescue group said.

A neighbor who happened to be a veterinarian also helped to trap and rescue most of the animals.

Three dogs, five roosters, one hen, two horses, 25 sheep, two goats and mule were also rescued from the home, according to the rescue groups who responded to the home. 

Skeletal remains of two horses were found, and another sheep was also found dead. It is believed some of the remains have been there “for quite some time,” the rescue and recovery group said.

Rescue groups are working to find placement for some of the cats. Anyone who can help is asked to contact Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery or email 

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