NEWARK, N.J. (PIX11) — A New Jersey high school is helping students turn their ideas into major business ventures. The latest one: producing and selling their own hot sauce.

Taco Tuesday was in full effect at Newark Beth Israel’s Community Health and Wellness Center Tuesday, with students from West Side High School whipping up a light and healthy feast. And on top of those tacos was something equally special, the class’s Rider Heat Hot Sauce, which was produced using local ingredients locally sourced from the school’s urban farm.

“We grow with the food,” student Tajeune Smith said. “We know where it’s coming from.”

West Side High School teacher Mark Mason said the business is a good opportunity for kids to get hands-on experience.

The product is selling online. Soon, the sauce will also be sold at The Beth Greenhouse Farmer’s Market at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. The market provides fresh fruits and vegetables to Newark residents. Those sales will start June 2.

President and CEO Darrell Terry said the partnership is a no brainer.

“They can learn about business,” he said, “they can learn about production, they can learn about sales … there are so many different lessons that these young people are being afforded.”

The sauce is just the latest product churned out by the class of budding entrepreneurs in the West Side Ave. business club. It’s all giving students the building blocks to eventually launch their own small businesses.