HOBOKEN, N.J. (PIX11) — Ease off the gas, Hoboken; it’s now the law.

City lawmakers on Thursday announced the adoption of a new, lower speed limit, quickly signed into law by Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. The citywide speed limit is now 20 mph, down from 25 mph.

“Reducing the citywide speed limit is the latest commitment we are making to ensure our streets are safer for pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists,” said Bhalla in a statement. “Even though it might take an extra minute or two to travel across Hoboken in a vehicle, that extra time could very well end up saving the life of a child or senior citizen.”

The reduction, adopted unanimously by the Hoboken City Council, is part of the city’s Vision Zero Action Plan aimed at eliminating all traffic-related deaths and injuries by 2030.

Studies show that a pedestrian’s chances of being killed or sustaining a severe injury, increase from approximately 25% when struck by a vehicle traveling at 20 mph to over 50% when struck by a vehicle traveling at 30 mph, according to a news release announcing the change.

The rollout of the new speed limit will include initiatives to make sure drivers are aware of the change, officials said. The measures will include new signs and pavement markings, as well as an education and enforcement campaign.

The full implementation of the new limit will occur once all existing signs and pavement markings have been updated, the city said.

Since Hoboken implemented Vision Zero in 2019, the city has not suffered a single traffic-related death, according to the news release. Other steps taken as part of the initiative include curb extensions, high-visibility crosswalks, and traffic-calming measures.