HOBOKEN, N.J. – On the soil of some of the most beautiful land in New Jersey, a void looks to be filled.

“It’s really a major priority, not just for Hoboken, but for the region,” said Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

The historic Union Dry Docks property is now destined to become a public park. Long owned by New York Waterway, the nearly 3 acres of Hudson River waterfront has been inaccessible to the public for a century.

The city is in the final stages of acquiring the property, putting down a more than $13 million deposit. The plan is for New York waterway to dock some of its fleet there while they expand at another location.

“What this does is it addresses all legitimate interests,” said Bhalla, “both with respect to mass transit in the region as well as making sure a beautiful, fully-connected waterfront and public park that everyone can enjoy.”

It’s too early for the city to give a timeline on when the idea would come to life, but officials say they will one day formally take input from members of the community to get their ideas on what they would like their park to look like.

“They key is to make sure it’s fully-connected,” said Ron Hine, executive director of Fund for a Better Waterfront, a group that’s been fighting for this since 1990. “It’s the fruition of 32 years of advocacy.”

Described as one of the waterfront’s missing links, his idea for the space is straightforward: plant lots of trees, a lawn area, and nothing over-the-top.

“It’s a legacy issue, multiple generations will be able to enjoy this,” said Hine.

Hine says over three decades, politicians have come and gone, and the community has changed, but their efforts have not.

“We have remained a force for the last 32 years,” said Hine, “and that’s helped to make this possible.”