NEWARK, N.J. (PIX11) — A New Jersey veterinarian is facing serious charges after at least two dogs died while under his care, authorities said.

The animals were treated at the Newark Veterinary Hospital in Newark. The hospital’s owner, Ehren Seth Yablon, 44, was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty and other charges related to the mistreatment of dogs under his care.

In one disturbing case, an English bulldog was brought in for a bloody discharge. Prosecutors say Yablon performed bloodwork and then told the owner the dog needed surgery. When the dog owner returned the following day, they were informed that the dog had died. A necropsy later determined that no surgery was ever performed.

“He is definitely a killer — a killer beyond words,” said Jessica Portillo, who says she is one of the clinic’s victims. Her five Yorkies Gee, Lucy, Bu’kele, Vinny and Lexy were all exposed to the parvovirus while under Yablon’s care, she said. Just one dog, Lexy, survived the ordeal.

According to Portillo and others familiar with the hospital’s practices, the highly infectious disease was allowed to run rampant inside the clinic. It was linked to the death of a huskie who investigators say was improperly caged with two others. In that particular case, Yablon is accused of refusing to release the puppies to the distraught owner until he was paid $1600.

“I am very happy that this is being exposed out to the world so people could realize what we’ve been going through and what this man has been doing,” Portillo said. “He doesn’t even deserve to be called a man. He’s a monster.”

Susan Janett runs a local animal rescue and has helped dog owners like Portillo with issues involving the clinic. She’s issuing a warning to those who are still getting services there. “Google this man’s name. You will learn all about him,” Janett said. “He needs to lose his license. He is not practicing in the interest of the animals.”

Despite the charges filed against him, Yablon was at the clinic on Wednesday, tending to patients. The New Jersey State Attorney General’s office has filed an application to temporarily suspend his license to practice. The decision is currently pending.

A woman sitting at the front desk at the Wilson Avenue clinic told reporters Yablon “was on a call” and was unable to respond to any requests for comment.