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LIVINGSTON, N.J. — Before his unexpected death, a New Jersey teen created his own clothing line to help inspire other young people to own and deal with their anxiety.

Jack Nathan used to channel his anxiety into painting and designing. Art was the one place he felt totally at peace, his family has said.

Before his unexpected death in July, just shy of 20 years old, Nathan created his Happy Jack clothing brand with the help of his classmates.

The apparel line featured Nathan’s art and was intended to help other kids embrace their eccentricities wholeheartedly.

“This brand serves as a nod to everyone who feels trapped in their mind, and a reminder to do precisely what is important to you,” Nathan wrote of his clothing line.

The website launched just one month before Nathan’s death.

His parents, David Nathan and Bradi Harrison, spoke to the PIX11 Morning Show Monday about why it’s important to them to continue with the brand in honor of their son’s legacy.

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