UNION, N.J. (PIX11) — Think your groceries cost more now? They do — a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Wednesday showed that the Consumer Price Index rose 9.1% from over the course of the year, hitting a 40-year high.

It’s an indicator that the price for things like eggs, toilet paper and bread is not coming down anytime soon. Chieh Huang, CEO of BOXED, a New Jersey-based retailer, said consumers can fight back.

“There are other ways to save money than just kind of pinching pennies and going to the grocery store,” he told PIX11 News.

BOXED was created around the simple idea of spending less by buying more. In this case, in bulk — which the company specializes in. The company ships goods to customers around the country from its warehouse in Union, New Jersey.

The online company, which was dubbed by Forbes as being a “Costco for millennials,” surged in popularity at the height of the pandemic. With more than 2,000 items in its inventory, more and more families are flocking to BOXED to stock up.

“There’s no membership fees and we deliver it to your door, so you are not driving to the store,” Huang explained.

Experts said when buying in bulk you can find the biggest savings on non-food items like toilet paper and paper towels. The discount is even deeper on private brands.

While it won’t end the inflation crisis, it’s just one alternative helping families navigate the new normal.