FORT LEE, N.J. (PIX11) — Monday morning marked the first weekday commute since cash tolls were fully eliminated on the George Washington Bridge, with drivers saying they want to keep the change.

The Hudson River span connecting Fort Lee to Upper Manhattan officially went cashless on Sunday, but Monday was the first time the new system was live for a weekday rush. Drivers without E-ZPass who would otherwise pay cash will now have their license plates photographed by overhead cameras and be billed via mail.

Speaking with PIX11 News from their cars, commuters cheered the change as a long overdue time-saver, helping to ease congestion at the crossing.

Cashless tolling already exists on the three bridges linking Staten Island to New Jersey, as well as the Holland Tunnel, and is set to take effect on the Lincoln Tunnel later in 2022.

But while motorists applauded the end of cash tolling, the simultaneous end of the GWB’s carpool discount has not been as well received.

U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a Democrat representing parts of New Jersey, issued a statement calling the elimination of the discount “unconscionable.” Gottheimer said that the change would increase costs to commuters during an economic downturn, increase congestion on the bridge, and contribute to air pollution, calling the move “a lose-lose-lose for absolutely everyone.”