SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (PIX11) — Down the shore, winds were whipping, rain was falling and even the sturdy branches of a Christmas tree could feel the weather that is heading toward the shore this weekend.

“You know it’s going to be slick out. and you have to get to where you got to go, obviously, it’s Christmas,” said Seaside Heights Police Chief Thomas Boyd.

The grey hue over Barnegat Bay was a prelude, perhaps, to what’s to come: the potential for icy conditions on the roads, and a storm that could bring more coastal flooding.

“Our OEM is looking out for the flooding aspect of it because of the low-lying areas, especially Ortley Beach getting so much sand eroded from the last storm,” said Boyd. “We took a little beating, too, on the north end with the last storm, so we’re worried about that, obviously.”

From Long Branch to Seaside Heights and beyond, Public Works and Emergency Management crews are going to be on the lookout for black ice on the roads. In Seaside Heights, officials say salt trucks will be ready.

“We’re hoping we get enough salt down so that it doesn’t affect people driving,” said Boyd.

With many with family to see, patience will be a gift to use this weekend.

“Everyone wants to get where they want to be with their families fast, but if you don’t get there safe, what good is going to see your family?” said Boyd. “You got your loved ones who want to see you whether you’re a half hour late, an hour late, two hours late. Take your time, try not to speed, pay attention. Black ice- you can’t see it, that’s why they call it black ice. Just be safe because your parents, your family, your kids, they want to see you get there safe. That’s what we’re going to try to promote here.”