NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — With the midterm elections just weeks away, women’s reproductive rights have become a central issue on the ballot.

As Republican lawmakers across the country introduce proposals to further undercut women’s reproductive rights, those looking to preserve them are pushing back. In response, New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer on Monday announced legislative action he is taking against those he’s called extremists.

“We are watching in real time the widespread consequences of those who have declared a war on choice, a war on women’s health care, and a war on personal privacy,” he said. All women have a fundamental right to make personal, private health care decisions about their own bodies, lives, and futures. No one should get between a woman, her doctor, and her faith. I’m here to announce action we must take to protect a woman’s right to choose, including against new legislative threats to in vitro fertilization, known as IVF, to protect women’s data and privacy on reproductive health apps, and to push to fully codify Roe into federal law.”

Andrew Ramos has more in the video above.