JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) — Railroad tracks crisscross the city and connect neighborhoods. But some of them aren’t being used anymore, and there are debates about their future uses.

A mile stretch of old rail runs along 6th Street in Jersey City’s Hamilton Park neighborhood to the north of downtown. It’s owned by the railroads. An official process is required to abandon it, which could clear the way for development or a sale.

On Thursday, people can comment about plans to a federal agency. The Office of Environmental Analysis within the Surface Transportation Board is in charge of the review process.

It’s a historic structure that a group has been fighting for decades to preserve. The Embankment Preservation Coalition has been working and watching for more than two decades.

“That formal process requires environmental and historic preservation reviews and affords the municipality a window of opportunity to acquire the line,” said Stephen Gucciardo, the coalition president.

News of court cases, federal review, possible sale and municipal plans have always been circulating.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Jersey City said the people needs to participate and make their voices heard to protect the embankment and plans “to transform the parcels into a beautiful, multipurpose outdoor space that serves as a connecting corridor for the public.”

The group worries about demolition and wants to see historic preservation measures included.

A decision will be made by the federal agency.