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NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — All Joe Stephen wanted was some chicken.

Instead, the Montclair resident told PIX11 News he got harassed and violated by a Union restaurant called Get Stuffed Jersey. He’s even filed a report with the police.

Stephen said he order from Get Stuffed Jersey on April 7; it was a rainy day and we wanted to order out, and the restaurant showed up on his Uber Eats app.

Then, Stephen waited. After 45 minutes with no delivery, he said he reached out to the restaurant via a texting platform on its website. He didn’t anticipate what came next.

“He clapped back,” Stephen told PIX11 News in an exclusive interview. “He said ‘it’s rush hour, do you want us to send a helicopter for you?'”

When Stephen responded, questioning the language, the texter from the restaurant continued to harass him.

“I said ‘excuse me’ and he came back and said ‘you ordered from Union, don’t be a d*****bag,'” Stephen said.

The conversation continued, and at one point the texter — who Stephen believes is Get Stuffed’s owner — said they would post Stephen’s personal information online if he left a bad review.

An Instagram post from Get Stuffed Jersey referenced the situation, calling out “IDA’s.”

“Please don’t order a delivery from Union to Montclair … and then berate our staff,” the post said.

Stephen had enough, and posted screenshots of his initial conversation with the restaurant online. That’s when Get Stuffed Jersey started releasing his personal information and claiming that he called and berated a teenager who works at the business. Stephen’s original post has since gone viral.

The Montclair man said he’s filed a police report; the negative attention from some people left him rattled, he told PIX11. Stephen said he is also looking into legal options.

“Even though 99% of people happened to agree with me, it’s the 1% that was really scary,” Stephen said.

Uber Eats said the situation is “concerning,” and the platform is launching an investigation into the incident.

Get Stuffed Jersey did not return to PIX11 News’ numerous requests for comment.