NEWARK, N.J. (PIX11) — An Indiana man was arrested after handgun parts and bullets were found inside his carry-on bags at Newark Liberty International Airport Wednesday, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

A TSA officer manning a checkpoint X-ray monitor spotted the components of a 9mm handgun inside two of the man’s carry-on bags, officials said. When the bags were searched, 15 bullets were also found. Authorities said that when assembled, the components would have formed a working gun.

The man, who was set to fly back home to Indiana, told officials he thought he would be allowed to travel with a disassembled gun. Firearms, as well as firearm parts, are prohibited through a security checkpoint, according to TSA. Officials alerted Port Authority police, who then confiscated the handgun parts and arrested the man on weapons charges.

The gun is the 12th one seized at the Newark airport this year. Officials said TSA officers found 5,972 guns at security checkpoints all across the United States, with 86% of those being loaded.