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NEWARK, NJ — Thousands of children marched in Newark and in sister marches across the state.

They are demanding stricter gun safety laws, like the countless others mobilizing throughout the country today.

“We may be young, but they will hear our voices! They will let us into Capitol Hill or we will break the doors down trying!” one student-organizer exclaimed from the stage at Military Park in Newark.

Classroom shootings became real for many of children marching the second that news broke out of Parkland, Florida.

“I went to a dance competition, someone competing with my studio died,” a 15-year-old from Maplewood told PIX11.

“Knowing it could happen to us one day, that’s why we’re protesting,” Samson Trechak, 12, said.

The march in New Jersey was orchestrated by 19 teenagers from diverse backgrounds across the state.

Off-stage, a high school student prepped Governor Phil Murphy on how the program would go ahead of his speech on stage.

After decades of wrangling in Washington, children who are not even old enough to vote are vowing to make the difference.

“What I hope they hear me say is no more shooting and no more gun violence,” 10-year-old Sharod from Newark said.