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NEWARK, N.J. — Five people are in custody after an alleged carjacking ended with two men barricading in a Newark home.

Police said the six suspects were in a vehicle that was believed to be involved in a series of other crimes in the area.

The group bailed out of the car near Hawthorne and Demarest avenues where three people were apprehended. One of the suspects was struck and killed by a police car.

Two of them ran into a nearby house on West Runyon Avenue and barricaded themselves inside, sparking a standoff with police.

Police have the five suspects, who they say are mostly juveniles, in custody.

Two handguns were recovered at the scene.

In an exclusive interview with PIX11 News, a woman who had her car stolen shared her experience as she faced an unknown assailant.

“While I was walking to the car he jumped in and I jumped in behind him and jumped on top of him and proceeded to try and pull him out of the car,” Wenona said.

“By the grace of God I am still here,” is how Wenona described her fortune after being carjacked early Tuesday morning seconds after dropping her children off at their Newark school.

Wenona provided her harrowing details while Newark Police detectives along with Essex County Prosecutors were working a crime scene several miles away.  All of this again a few hours after she told the alleged perp who tried to steal her car, “You don’t know who you are messing with, you picked the wrong one, devil.”

The suspect did not respond. In fact, “He never opened his mouth to me at all… never,” said Wenona.

While she battled to gain control of her vehicle, the hoodie wearing suspect decided to make a quick escape, “He sped off and while he was driving he pushed me out of the car and then ran over my legs.”

While at her home Wenona had her leg propped up on an ottoman and her ankle bandaged when she added that, “He did a good job on me, when he ran over me.”

When asked if she was at all concerned about what could happen physically at that point? Wenona simply responded, “At that point no, I wasn’t.  I didn’t know what could have happened. I didn’t suspect a anything different to happen, but I was just grateful that God kept me.”

Prosecutors say that after the carjacking the same vehicle was involved in several other felonies including robberies and a shooting. Law enforcement ultimately caught up with the Jaguar — which now had 6 occupants in it — right in front of the former resident of U.S. Senator Cory Booker.  After the chase came to a crashing halt three suspects were apprehended on the spot, two fled into a nearby home where they eventually surrendered and one died at the scene after being struck by a police vehicle.

For Wenona, who watched coverage of the crime spree she was a part of on television Tuesday afternoon, it was a day that could have gone much differently, “I’m just grateful to God that I am here and that it didn’t go another way, that I can say I’m here and he could of had a weapon and it could have gone a different way.”