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PATERSON, N.J. (PIX11) — New police bodycam footage shows the last time a missing New Jersey man was seen on video from the night he disappeared.

Felix de Jesus went missing on Feb. 2. In police bodycam video from that night, de Jesus can be seen on the ground and handcuffed, in the custody of two Paterson police officers.

Police were called to a bodega on Union Avenue in Paterson on a complaint the 41-year-old de Jesus was intoxicated and physically harassed a female customer. In the video, de Jesus complains to one of the officers that his hand is broken. In Spanish, de Jesus asks why he is being arrested.

Both officers’ body cameras kept rolling until just after the four-minute mark when they both abruptly end, marking the last digitally documented sighting of de Jesus – handcuffed in the backseat of a Paterson police vehicle.

However, the officers did not head toward the Paterson police headquarters to book de Jesus. Neither did they transport him to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center to get his supposedly broken hand checked out.

Instead, the two officers decided to drive in the opposite direction. They dropped off de Jesus at a street corner near Westside Park along the Passaic River. That’s according to police reports shared with the de Jesus family and a private investigator they hired.

Those reports also detail a group of people who were hanging out in the park and saw a man they later identified as de Jesus heading down to their location near the water. The witnesses said they made a run to the liquor store and when returned de Jesus was gone.

Sister-in-law Crystal Garcia said the family is outraged and still distraught de Jesus hasn’t been found.

“They didn’t follow proper protocol at all,” Garcia said. “Since they denied contact from day one, we had to show them the proof that we had footage of them having Felix. Of course, we do feel that there was some kind of foul play.”

Jeffrey Patti, the de Jesus family attorney, argues that at the very least the officers violated the state attorney general policy for officer-worn body cameras by not activating them for their entire encounter with de Jesus.

As for leaving him on a street corner? “It was below freezing. He was in a T-shirt and they drive him where? Across town to a park, at night, near a river. I mean, it smacks of beyond negligence,” Patti said.