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LONG VALLEY, N.J. — There is a breaking and entering bobcat, a 40-pound felonious feral feline on the prowl in Morris County.

He slipped into the kitchen window of an idyllic Long Valley farmhouse Wednesday afternoon and terrorized the Aguilar family.

“My mom just yelled ‘there’s a bobcat in the house,” Nancy Aguilar, 8-years-old, told PIX11 as she pointed out the window, showing how the ferocious feline got in.

The little girl, her mother and 2-year-old brother ran into the bathroom, locked the door and called police.

All the while, they could hear the bobcat burglar hissing and scratching at the bathroom door.

“It was like a growl and a roar,” Nancy said, imitating the sounds for PIX11.

When police arrived, they opened all the doors and windows of the home the Aguilars had just moved into two days earlier.

After an hour, the lynx from Long Valley exited through the same kitchen window he had entered and ran off into the woods.

“Close your windows st night,” the 8-year-old told PIX11. “And then you can fall asleep.”

Police say, at this point, they don’t believe the bobcat was sick or rabid.