MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ. (PIX11) — Bird flu has been detected in more than 30 states this year and now it’s been found in New Jersey.

Officials on Thursday confirmed the state’s first case of avian influence in a Monmouth County non-commercial, backyard poultry flock, New Jersey’s Department of Agriculture said. Samples were collected from a duck and chicken flock after the ducks experienced high mortality rates. Quarantine, biosecurity measures and depopulation of poultry were implemented for the flock as safety measures.

Bird flu was detected in New York back in February. Nationwide, almost 38 million birds have been impacted by bird flu, per the US Department of Agriculture. A 2015 outbreak resulted in the deaths of around 50 million chickens and turkeys, sending egg and poultry prices through the roof.

A case of human bird flu was found in Colorado. Most people have a very low chance of contracting bird flu; people need to have close contact with an infected bird to get sick, according to experts. Officials say cooking poultry and eggs to an internal temperature of 165 ˚F kills bacteria and viruses.

If you suspect HPAI, please alert the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health at 609-671-6400.