NEW MILFORD, N.J. (PIX11) — Just one week after heavy rains caused destructive flooding in Bergen County, residents were braced for another storm. The worst part — they haven’t even had time to fix all the damage from the last one.

Dozens of people were trapped and had to be rescued in Bergen County the last time heavy rains pounded the area. As a late-season nor’easter headed to the tri-state area again Monday, residents hoped for a little mercy.

“Any low-lying area that’s prone to flooding could potentially flood again,” Lt. Scott Petrie of the New Milford Police Department said.

The communities most at risk are those along the Hackensack River. A combination of melting snow and persistent rain has the river flowing at dangerously high levels. A little extra rain was all it took for the river to rise above its embankments and flood into neighborhoods last time.

“The little bit of rain that came caught everyone off-guard,” Petrie told PIX11 News.

He said emergency crews “have a very good game plan” for Monday’s storm. Extra men are ready to be deployed, and high-water rescue vehicles are ready to go.

Emergency responders said it’s understandable when they have to rescue people from their flooded homes, but it’s a different thing when they have to rescue people who get trapped in their cars when they try to drive through flooded streets. Authorities said it’s almost always better and safer to find a detour around potentially dangerous areas.