HALEDON, NJ (PIX11) — A black bear climbed a tree in New Jersey family’s backyard, police said Wednesday afternoon.

Police secured the area around the East Barbour Street home, officials said. The black bear was not considered to be a threat to public safety, but police asked people to avoid the area.

Officers reached out to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Fish and Wildlife. They said they were hoping to get the bear out of the tree and back to its normal habitat.

The Department of Environmental Protection Division of Fish and Wildlife humanly tranquilized the bear later on Wednesday night. The bear was safely taken into their custody.

Just days ago, a woman was attacked by a bear in New Jersey. She was treated for injuries to her arm and buttock. Police shared bear encounter tips:

  • Never feed or approach bears
  • Avoid eye contact if you encounter a bear
  • If you encounter a bear, don’t run. Instead, back away slowly
  • Make loud noises and make yourself look big