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BAYONNE, N.J. — Some residents in Bayonne, New Jersey woke up without water Thursday morning after a large water main break flooded the streets overnight, officials said.

The water main break was on East 21st Street, between Broadway and Avenue E, in the city’s Constable Hook neighborhood, the Bayonne Office of Emergency Management said.

The rupture caused some minor flooding in streets in the area overnight, but crews from Suez Water NJ were able to cap the flow by early morning.

Residents on the block were left without water, the Bayonne OEM said around 6:30 a.m.

The city brought in a tanker truck with clean drinking water, which was located behind the Senior Citizen Building on Standard Place, officials said. Residents can fill any container from the truck.

Suez said repairs are predicted to be completed by Thursday afternoon.

Multiple streets in the area were closed due to the rupture.