LAKEWOOD, N.J. (PIX) — How good do you imagine you’d feel on your 110th birthday? If you ask Launa Mitchell, you’ll get a quick answer.

“I could go out and do a day’s work.”

She was born on Long Island in 1913, the year Woodrow Wilson took office. On Tuesday, all of her friends at Leisure Park Senior Living Community in Lakewood helped her celebrate.

In between slices of cake and opening gifts — including new shoes and clothes — she beamed with gratitude while keeping it real.

When asked how she felt about seeing all of her friends gathered to celebrate her, she said with a laugh, “Well, I think it’s wonderful, but I’d rather be home.”

“It’s pretty incredible,” said David Denenberg, executive director of Leisure Park Senior Living Community. “She’s been a longtime resident here in our independent living, and we’re absolutely honored to engage and enrich her life and be part of that experience for her.”

At 110, Mitchell is possibly the oldest person in New Jersey, and she doesn’t shy away from sharing some of her secrets.

“I think when she’s explained to me, she says the secret is balance and moderation,” said Leslie Achter, Launa’s great-niece. “She said she loves ice cream, and she does, but she eats a balanced meal.”

“I like all ice creams,” said Mitchell. “I’m a good eater.”

When asked what her true secret is, she replied, “Just living good.”