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WAYNE, NJ — An orange light moved at a steady pace over the skies of Wayne ,New Jersey on Saturday night. 

The scene was captured by a PIX11 News viewer, who said it was just before 8:30 p.m. when the first of at least five lights appeared over air space in Wayne Township, visible above Hamburg Turnpike. 

The sighting, which had some residents scratching their heads, happens nearly two weeks after people questioned mysterious lights over nearby Paterson.

That sighting happened on Oct. 11.  At the time, officials with the Federal Aviation Administration told PIX11 News it received no reports of unusual activity for the area.

In Saturday’s sighting, FAA officials made the same assessment.

The situation is now fueling the mystery as to what is flying in the skies over Passaic County.

Nadia Deleon, who owns her own NJ-based drone photography company, doesn’t believe the lights are drone related. She noted that with Halloween around the corner, a prankster may be to blame 

“Why is it concentrated in this area? Why not Ringwood or, I don’t know, Bergen County?” Deleon said.

Giuseppe DiMarco, a resident of nearby Wanaque who is also a paranormal enthusiast, believes there is more to these sightings. He has investigated several unexplained phenomena that have happened in the area over the years. 

“There’s definitely more out there. I mean, we’ve been hearing about these things since biblical times,” DiMarco said. “And it’s been documented.”

While much of the unknown provides fodder for believers, it’s also the centerpiece of a recent government report released over the summer that acknowledged that intelligence officials cannot explain such sophisticated movements in the skies. 

The formation of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force is now on the frontlines of investigating such incidents.

According to the FAA, “UAP” sightings are only documented whenever a pilot reports one of the sightings to an air traffic control facility. When it’s corroborated with supporting information, it’s shared with the task force, which was not the case in either of the sightings that happened here in Passaic County.