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JERSEY CITY, N.J. —A U.S. Navy SEAL died in a parachuting incident Sunday after his parachute failed to open, causing him to fall into the Hudson River, officials said.

Multiple agencies responded to the incident at a Fleet Week event in Jersey City. The man’s parachute failed to open properly, he fell into the Hudson River and later died at the Jersey City Medical Center.

Officials collect a parachute from a Jersey City parking lot following an incident on May 28, 2017. (PIX11)

Local police first reported around 1 p.m. that Palisades Interstate Parkway police and New Jersey State police were responding to a “parachute incident” at Liberty State Park.

The U.S. Coast Guard then also confirmed they took part in a rescue operation in the vicinity of the Hudson River.

At first, military sources would only confirm the incident involved U.S. Navy personnel and occurred at a Fleet Week event.

But images of the scene offered evidence of what happened.

A tweeted picture showed a parachute in a parking lot, and the photographer said several emergency vehicles responded.

The chute landed in the parking lot when a parachutist realized it would not open, and detached it so he would land in the Hudson River, reports.

The parachutist, who was participating in a Fleet Week show, was recovered from the river, first reported.

Officials later confirmed he died.