GLEN RIDGE, N.J. (PIX11) – Two people were killed in a crash in New Jersey that resulted from a police chase early Tuesday morning, investigators said.

A silver Hyundai with Pennsylvania plates was being pursued by Montclair Police when it crashed just before 5 a.m., officials said. The silver Hyundai drove off Bloomfield Avenue, plunging down an embankment and slamming into a tree. 

Details on why police were chasing the vehicle haven’t been released. The investigation into the incident was taken over by the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office.

The crash left behind a trail of destruction including car parts, mangled street signs and debris. The crash was loud enough to jolt Glen Ridge resident Shankar Choudhuri and his wife out of bed. It happened just a block away from their home. “It was a booming noise like an explosion,” said Choudhuri.

Glen Ridge residents say the winding roadway above the embankment paired with high speeds is a formula for disaster. “At the light where Ridgewood and Bloomfield intersect, a lot of cars fly through the lights there and they have careened off the road before,” said resident Jackie Jackson.

Another crash along Bloomfield Avenue ended in a similar fashion in 2018, resulting in the deaths of two young men.