HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. (PIX11) – No snowstorm could stop this miracle of nature.

Two bald eaglets were captured on a live web cam hatching in their nest earlier this week in Somerset County.

“In the 1970s, bald eagles were on the precipice face of extinction,” said Margaret Waldock, executive director of Duke Farms. “There was one eagle nest left in New Jersey.”

Now, officials say, there are more than 200 nests across New Jersey.

The eagles’ nest sits on the property of Duke Farms, a 2,700-acre conservation space in Hillsborough. Throughout more than 15 years of live streaming the birds from their YouTube channel, a few dozen eaglets have hatched, grown up and flown the nest, typically two every year.

“I think it’s a real example of what’s possible if we put our collective minds and actions to work to protect these species,” said Waldock.

The eaglets are fed by their watchful parents, and while they appear to be small and fluffy now, they will soon grow fast.

“They usually will be ready to fledge towards the end of May,” said Thom Almendinger, Duke Farms’ director of natural resources. “You’ll see a really rapid growth between now and then.”

The nest sits in an undisclosed location high up in the trees along the Raritan River. Conservation experts said it is a great home for the eagles, given the health and vitality of the river.

“These eagles are able to utilize the species in there to feed themselves and their young,” said Almendinger.

The majestic species has made a remarkable comeback, and if anyone takes that for granted, these nature lovers won’t let that fly.

“This is in a highly densely populated region of the country and … our national symbol is breeding here, which was once an endangered species in the country,” said Almendinger. “It’s a great conservation story.”