TOMS RIVER, N.J. (PIX11) — After working around the clock much of last week, firefighters in New Jersey are looking for a break.

“I’m sure every fire department and wildland firefighter is waiting for some rain,” Matt Janora, Toms River Chief Fire Inspector, said on Wednesday.

Much of New Jersey was under a Red Flag Warning, as of Wednesday.

“The conditions are perfect for large fires,” said Janora.

The ingredients for a wildfire are all there: humidity under 30 percent, elevated temperatures and high winds.

Officials say much like checking your smoke alarm at home, fire prevention starts with you.

“I certainly, I don’t think, it is at the forefront of everyone’s minds until they see these large fires happen and it starts moving into their community,” said Janora, “But unfortunately, that’s too late.”

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service banned all uncontained fires in wooded areas as a precaution. Firefighers at all levels are asking for cooperation.

“Outside fires like burn pits, things you’d find at Home Depot or Lowe’s, people having recreational fires that are unapproved, no containers basically too large, things like that,” said Janora.

That also includes burning unapproved debris, like junk mail or newspapers. Fires like that, Janora said, puts ash up into the sky. It’s for that same reason, he said, that you may not want to light up your backyard fire pit yet.

“Our recommendation is to not use it as the embers can fly and start spot fires,” Janora said.

If you’re a smoker, don’t toss your cigarette out of your moving car. And for backyard meat smokers, officials say make sure to douse hot ash with water when you’re done.

“The barbecue grills and the charcoal grills are probably the biggest aspect,” said Janora. “Smokers that use real wood. If you have ash or charcoal that’s used up and need to extinguish, I would just say to make sure it’s extinguished completely, use a lot of water, mix it up, ensure that it’s out, instead of throwing it onto the ground, putting it in a metal container, don’t throw it into a trash can. Just be a little more heightened and aware of that hazard.”