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NEW YORK – As the heat and humidity rise, so does the nasty population of cockroaches. The aggressive temperatures apparently provide the ideal environment for American cockroaches to spread their wings and take flight.

“The reason is because the humidity, the heat and sweltering conditions, which is common in South America causes their muscles to move more and then they’re able to fly,” Claire Malidarelli, web editor for Popular Science magazine said.

Flying cockroaches are common in the south — but in our area, you’re more likely to see these monsters in the subway or in dark humid basements.

“Cockroaches will only fly in a straight up pattern, they’re really not going to fly at you,” Maidarelli said. “As long as you avoid them, you’ll be OK.”

There is more bad news, bed bugs are also a problem during the summer.

“Bed bugs’ life span is very dependent on temperature,” Maidarelli said. “When it’s colder out, say like 64 degrees, it takes them about 127 days for them to reach maturity. Warmer weather, say around 86 degrees, it only takes them 24 days to reach maturity.”

Don’t pack your bags to leave New York City just yet, the forecast for this week has us back in the 80s. But that’s no guarantee you won’t run into a flying cockroach.