NEW YORK (PIX11) — A track foreman, a cane engineer, and three former transit workers were among those busted for overtime abuse, including one who spent part of an overtime shift at a hotel, according to a report released Tuesday by the MTA Inspector General.

The three former employees retired during the investigation after they were caught collecting overtime for shifts they didn’t work at the 39th Street Yard, the report said.

“(Investigators) initially consulted with law enforcement concerning the workers’ conduct, but ultimately referred this matter to NYC Transit. These workers retired while pending
the investigation, but NYC Transit placed disciplinary letters in their files in the event they seek future employment,” the report said.

A Long Island Rail Road crane engineer was supposed to be working a 24-hour overtime shift but was instead spending some of it at a hotel, investigators said. The engineer handed in the timecard showing he worked the entire overtime shift and was suspended 90 days without pay, officials said.

Investigators also spotted an LIRR track foreman leaving four hours early during an overtime shift. The worker was later suspended for 30 days and ordered to repay the LIRR for the extra time, according to the findings.

The report did not specify how much the MTA paid the employees for the alleged overtime abuse.