NEW YORK (PIX11) — MTA station agents are transferring out of their booths starting Thursday in an effort to better address issues and connect New York City subway riders with the information they need

Agents will now walk through stations, getting a rider’s-eye view of conditions and more directly addressing commuters’ concerns, all in the name of a faster, cleaner, safer subway experience.

The goal, according to the MTA, is to better help riders get around, improve customer service during delays and route changes, and keep tabs on potential safety and cleanliness issues.

The MTA employs more than 2,000 station agents, who received an hourly pay increase to account for the added responsibilities. They’ve been trained and outfitted with phones to report everything from broken escalators and elevators to dirty conditions in need of clean-up to potential safety issues.

As for the booths, 15 systemwide have been or will be converted to customer service centers, where riders can still seek assistance, including with applying for reduced rate fares and getting used to the OMNY payment system as it’s phased in.